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Our laboratories

"Better twice than once". We have not one but two
laboratories to ensure the continuous quality of our products.

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Production laboratories

The "Eye of Daudruy" is located in the centre of production and continuously monitors operations from the arrival of the oil to its packaging for shipment to our customers. It allows us to oversee all the day-to-day aspects of production as closely as possible. In addition, it aims to raise awareness and train our teams in product quality and handling.

Checks at every stage
of production



Quality laboratories

The second laboratory brings together the best laboratory skills of the Daudruy companies. The role of the teams is to control incoming raw materials and to analyse all the information that is useful to our customers regarding product deliveries. It is also a major quality system and product innovation management centre for the future of the company.

Supplier / subsidiary selection

Control of raw materials



Specific and bespoke processes for greater agility.


We offer our customers bespoke logistics.

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