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Inland waterway and maritime logistics

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In terms of logistics, we have evolved a lot. Our father and grandfather, Charles Daudruy, says that when he joined the company, oils were packed in barrels and taken to the station (in Rosendaël) in a handcart pulled by the foreman and a worker...

We are not sure that Thomas, Logistics & Execution Manager, and his team are happy to be loading in this way today.

In fact, they ensure the logistics of supply and shipping by river. It is the link between the activities of the Daudruy company and the bargemen.

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Logistic & execution manager


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Road subsidiary

As far as road transport is concerned, our fleet of trucks under the DVC transports banner is responsible for the last few kilometres to our customers. This allows us to be flexible, responsive and to meet our customers’ requirements. Our transport service is never at a standstill and we are committed to providing our customers with an impeccable quality of service. Our trucks run partly on biofuel supplied by our Nord Ester subsidiary under the brand name NE100.

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15 years

of service on average




Specific and bespoke processes for greater agility.

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Every product that passes through our premises is subjected to analysis and control.

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