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Vegetable oils

Our understanding and experience in the field allow us to compete in markets where consistency and attention to detail make the difference. We are able to offer stable and homogeneous vegetable oils and blends over time.

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Multi-faceted oils

Vegetable oils are oils derived from seeds, fruits, or pulp.
Depending on their fatty acid composition, they can be liquid at room temperature: liquid oils, or solid: Tropical oils. Each oil has its own characteristics and features. They are used for a range of applications: human food, pet food, animal feed, cosmetics, oleochemistry …

The list of our oils is not exhaustive. Our services are at your disposal to help you choose the oleaginous solution best suited to your needs.

Tropical oils

Solid at room temperature, hard oils have a higher or lower melting point. With 60 years of experience, we have mastered all the facets of these products with their special characteristics. We own and operate processes that are capable of revealing the full potential of these oils.

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