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We have been working in collaboration with the Tahitian oil mill for several years now and buy back all the copra oil from the islands.

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A long-standing partnership

When we talk about our special partnerships, Tahiti is one of them. By buying back all the copra oil from the islands, we are offering our customers a superior quality oil and we are contributing, hand in hand with the local government, to ensuring a minimum income for Tahitian copra farmers. In this way, we fulfil our quality requirements while supporting our CSR commitments.

It is in Tahiti, that we find a product with a designation of origin: monoi. We are in partnership with the Parfumerie Sachet and the Parfumerie Tiki.

Ethical oils from a French country

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Oils from French Polynesia. Products bursting with sunshine, of which we control the entire process hand in hand with the Tahitian oil mill.
We are able to offer a virgin, raw and deodorised coconut oil.
We also offer a quality monoi thanks to our privileged partnerships.

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