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The traced rapeseed

Thanks to our subsidiary Oriacoop, we offer 100% French origin rapeseed certified by Bureau Veritas. We control all the steps our product goes through.

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Closely traced rapeseed

This chain is the result of a partnership between farmers and manufacturers. It was born from the desire to offer our customers a traced and certified French rapeseed oil. We control all the steps from the field to our customers.

Superior quality

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Produced from a first cold press, our oil retains its original qualities. Triturated using a "jewel of technology", the rapeseed is sorted and then pressed. They produce rapeseed oil for human consumption and fatty meal for animal feed. The development of a supply chain for our products allows us to offer a product that we are in complete control of. From the producer to our customer, we control all stages of production. These are high quality, sustainable products.

Certified traced rapeseed

Bureau Veritas certifies the French origin of our rapeseed. This certificate guarantees the traceability of the rapeseed from the field to the customer.

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