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Organic products

We have successfully adapted to the increasing demand for organic products. We offer a wide range of certified organic products.

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A wide range of organic oils!

Most of our vegetable oils are available as organic oils. Over the years, we have been able to support our customers in their growing demand for organic oils by developing our tools to produce customised products and by adapting our offer.

Certified oil

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Our organic oils are certified by the Ecocert standard. This means that the seeds or fruits used to extract the oil are organically grown, without the use of pesticides. Also, to avoid pesticides in our products, we have a preference for French seeds. We carry out systematic checks on the raw oils on receipt. These raw oils are isolated before being used in order to ensure that the product is not polluted in any way and complies with our commitments as well as the requirements of the organic farming standard. Our products also comply with the cosmos standard.

Organic certification

Our oils are certified organic by Ecocert.

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