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A bio-methanisation by the end of 2022.

Methanisation is a biological process that produces methane and CO2 from waste or co-products. 

Nord-Métha's objective is to process our waste and co-products by valorising them through the production of biogas. We will partly use the large deposit of material on the Daudruy and Nord-Ester sites. But also, thanks to our partnership with Agriopale, we will have the capacity to integrate other deposits: nitrogen-rich products from the food industry. 

This large-scale project will allow 750nm3/hour of biogas to be injected into the network, which is equivalent to the consumption of 5,800 homes per year. 

Nord-Metha is added to our waste oil biodiesel manufacturing unit and our wastewater treatment plant. All of these synergies allow us to move closer to our zero discharge objective and to confirm our orientation towards circular and virtuous solutions.   


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